Theodore Burkhardt was born November, 1999 in Beirut, Lebanon. His father is German, his mother Bulgarian.

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After being diagnosed with life threatening disease in 2004 and following five years of harsh treatment, he starts his engagement in pop music singing.

Theo 014 What has started as a way of recovering from years of chemo therapy, soon turns into passion and love for music. In 2006, following political insecurity in Lebanon, he moves with his family to Sofia, Bulgaria and starts attending private tuition in pop singing. In January, 2009, after being announced healthy by his doctors, he starts dedicating all of his free of school time to music only.

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In 2010 his whole family moves to Damascus, where Theodore has the possibility to attend American School and work on his knowledge of the English language. Living there gives him the possibility to travel a lot and to meet different people from different nationalities.

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The events in Syria force the family to move back to Sofia and give Theodore again the chance to go back to his music lessons.



His performances on series of events show him the power which his voice has on the people and motivates him to improve further. In March 2014 Theodore will perform on The Voice Kids Germany. He speaks English, German and Bulgarian fluently. In winter loves skiing and snow board, in summer surf is his passion. Currently Theodore attends the German School in Sofia. He has an younger sister.